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Full service advertising agency in the centre of Rotterdam makes it happen

Make it happen. With a Rotterdam mentality we, advertising agency Dare to Design, help our clients to achieve their targets. With a young multi disciplined team in our advertising company with a total of more than 70 years working experience, a service minded, personal approach and a huge amount of energy and pleasure, we invent solutions. Unique marketing and communication solutions which help our clients to be successful. Successful because they distinguish themselves from the competition and successful because our clients are able to use marketing in the most effective way possible. And it's appreciated by a fast growing amount of clients. The comments are enthousiastic and praising. Different, daring, personal and dedicated. Explore the website and see how Dare to Design can give your organisation a positive boost.

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Increase the revenue of your organization

Thinking along with our clients, it's in our Rotterdam genes. It is our biggest passion to conceptualise a marketing strategy, maximising the benefits of the Marketing Euro in a structured way. Read more...

Corporate branding, be authentic

With a Rotterdam approach our advertising company aligns the corporate branding with the authenticy of your organization. What is the mission and vision of the company, how do they communicate via the website, social media and offline expressions like stationary, businesscards, carwrapping or exhibition stands. All this in service of a powerful, univocal communication to create a corporate branding that fits like a tailor-made Italian suit. Read more...

‘We create marketing that matters!’ 

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08 March 2018

Brand New Magazine

Dare to Design is involved in a new project of a lifestyle magazine: BrandNew Magazine. A magazine targeted to life-enjoyers and trendwatchers. For this magazine we designed the stationary and responsible ...

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06 February 2017

4 ways to use video marketing

Visuals says more than a 1000 words. People will remember more when they see a video than when they read a long text. But why do you use video marketing as organization and what kind of videos should you ...

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29 December 2016

Video marketing trends 2017

Video has dominated the marketingworld in 2016. This will only increase in 2017. As organization, it is impossible not to use video marketing. Read beneath about the video marketing trends for the next ...

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29 November 2016

We start the new year with an action!

The end of 2016 is approaching and the beginning of 2017 is coming closer. We are looking back to a very successful year. New customers, team members, the movement to a beautiful and bigger location and ...

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21 November 2016

Digital design trends for 2017

Digital design trends for 2017We are looking forward to 2017. In this year we will meet new digital design trends and developments. What can you expect as organization and what does need your attention? ...

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30 September 2016

4 tips to improve your content marketing strategy

A catchy article or an interesting social media post can trigger people to visit your website. Before you start creating content, it is important to create the right content marketing strategy. But where ...

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16 September 2016

Babyshower Moment, the testing ground of Dare to Design

In the past, we set up a testing ground for the SEO methods and developments of our CMS system. We started a webshop called "Babyshowermoment" as testing ground. A good concept, because we have lead ...

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19 April 2016

Marketing Agency Netherlands Video

Dare to Design is part of The Dare Company. Together with Dare to Develop and Dare to be Found we offer a full scale of marketing and communication services which are integrated ...

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19 November 2015

Rotterdam, nr 1 downtown of the Netherland

  Rotterdam just won the priced for the nr. 1 large downtown area of the Netherlands. After the great top 5 position in the Lonely Planet for must see cities, they again get credits for their strategic ...

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24 June 2015

SEO Trends of 2015

Recently we received some updates about new trends in the SEO area which could be valuable to our customers of our Dare to be Found services. So we thought it would be helpful to share them Content ...

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21 April 2015

SEO rules are changed by Google today for smartphones and tablets

Some time ago Google announced that the rules for the search ranking at smartphones will be changed. Smartphones and tablets have a more important role in the total amount of internet traffic. More then ...

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18 March 2015

Google penalty hits SEO

It is possible that Google sends the webmasters a message like this via webmastertools: The system of Google tested 19 pages of your site and determined that 100% of them are experiencing critical problemes ...

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