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Video creation

The importance of video marketing and its role in the marketing mix is increasing. Video is visible everywhere, on social media, in newsletter and on websites of course. This leads to a trend where the marketing budget is increasingly spent on the development of video content. Some examples are animations and business videos. Are you looking for a partner for your video content? Dare to Design is specialized in video creation. We have professional and expert film equipment in order to create unique videos for every budget. An example is our 360-degree camera with which we created a 360 video for our client Geen Boot Wel Varen. The viewer can look around and see the world through the eyes of the filmmaker, creating the feeling of being on the location yourself. In combination with VR-glasses (virtual reality glasses) you can offer a unique experience. The virtual reality trend originates from the gaming industry but will increasingly influence the consumermarket. Our up-to-date knowledge and expertise will apply the latest technological trends in the creation of your video. Curious to know what the latest trends are? Read our blog!

Animation creation

Next to producing videos, we are experienced animation creators. Looking for ways to communicate company information in a playful way? Or are you launching a new product that needs explanation? Use animations! Visual information is known to stick around longer. When developing an animation video, we pay close attention to the look and feel and the implementation of the corporate identity. If you have an exact idea in mind and looking for a trustworthy execution partner? Look no further, we are more than happy to put your ideas into production. After a face-to-face meeting to discuss your ideas, our designers will translate them to catchy animations. The animationvideo can be distributed through various platforms such as newsletters or social media. Take a look at the animation that Dare to Design developed for Vlietkinderen and The Dare Company.

Next to animation videos, we also offer animation GIFs. An animation GIF contains multiple image layers displayed after eachother creating a moving image. This content is mostly used on social media platforms. It effectively attracts attention of your audience leading to a higher engagement.

Company video creation

Company videos have a blunt and boring reputation. As a business, you want to catch the attention straight away and make sure they watch the entire company video. This is achieved by creating relevant and interesting material. We have the expertise to create professional and innovative company videos. Using a company video gives the opportunity to target potential customers with your branding. An example is the creation of multiple employee videos for The Dare Company. We developed the ‘Dare to Ask’ concept where employees are interviewed in their favorite Rotterdam hotspot about their position, the company and their personal lifes. The goal of these videos was to introduce the employees to the clients. This creates trust and communicates the USP’s of the company to prospects. The interview format is used in a unique way, making the videos attractive and light. This concept, Dare to Ask, was distributed on social media where the high level of engagement was directly evident. Furthermore, we developed a similar concept, with the focus on the clients of The Dare Company. We developed the concept, scripted the interviews, created the videos and distributed the content. In these videos, clients tell about the collaboration with The Dare Company. Take a look at the testimonial videos below.

We deliver full service video development, from concept development to publishing. We manage the entire project, delivering professional company videos within no time.

Are you looking for professional videos with a creative twist? With our camera ready for action, we look forward to create content for you! Get in touch to discuss all the possibilities.