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Sustainability & Dare to Design

For Dare to Design sustainability is a top priority. Not only do we feel we need to contribute ourselves, we wish to set an example for other companies and take pride in the choices we have made in this field. This includes our mobility (100% electric cars), the choices we make in printwork and printing techniques and the support we offer our clients to work digitally as much as possible. This way we clearly show the stand we take and hope to inspire others to commit to creating a more sustainable world.

Alexandra van Huffelen is present at the official transfer of the key of the first bought Renault Zoe by Manon Hoftsra, founder of Dare to Design.

Dare to Design* has a policy when it comes to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. This means that Dare to Design will use marketing as sustainable as possible for her own marketing and for her clients.


  • Dare to Design* does business in an honest way, taking her clients, employess and environment into account. 
  • Dare to Design* takes care of a nice working environment for her employees
  • All employees of Dare to Design* will use 'green' options to commute, the company car of Dare to Design* is 100% electric.
  • The office of Dare to Design is equipped with a lot windows which gives enough daylight to minimize the use of artifical lightning. If needed, we use energy saving light bulbs and LED bulbs.
  • The printing arranged by Dare to Design will be printed at FSC paper  as much as possible.
  • Dare to Design* delivers the stationary including a template for Word so it can also be used for digital reports and invoices which not need to be printed.

Dare to Design is selflessly commited to several foundations.

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A lot of marketing can be sustainable and sustainability is perfect to market.

Spondored charities

Charities where Dare to Design contributed to (financial) last year:


Vrienden van Parnassia

Breath Care for Kids

Mother and Child Foundation

CAA Foundation