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SEO also know as Search Engine Optimalisatie is the science which encompasses the Google Searrch Ranking. SEO Amsterdam - Dare to Design - SEO Guru certifiedAt Dare to Design we have the necessary experience to use SEO as a katalyser for the Google ranking of websites and webshops/. SEO is based on 3 major factors: the website technique, the content and the backlinks from other sites and Google Plus. We can manage all these factors. In our SEO approach we will start wit a zero measurement to check how the sites currently scores for certain search words. It's also possible to use a competitors analysis to evaluate the  competition. Based on the outcome, we will change the weakest variables to enhance the ranking. Some index words are so popular that it is recommended to use words which are less popular but also need much lower investment. These are called the longtail words. If the search volumes are sorted, you will get a pareto chart. The first words are the sort tail words. The rest are called longtail. Optionally you can use SEA (Search Engine Advertising) to get the necessary conversion on some shorttail words. Also in this area we are able to advise you. In the SEO approach we give advise about the necessary adaptions in technique, content and backlinks. It's also possible to handle these aspects for you. Then we will monitor the progress and finetune the actions to reach the necessary SEO targets. Of course the competition is also working on SEO. And Google constantly changes the SEO rules based on the latest status of the technique. We contantly monitor the site to keep the high ranking. You can get a SEO subscription already from EUR 95,- per month depending on the amount of search words and the optional services. It's good to know that Google will change the policy with a couple of months based on the popularity of small devices like spartphones. The userfriendliness of the sites for these devices will be a factor for the ranking. That's why we already recommend to adapt the website at this moment, so you don't get penalties for a bad performance. At our site we have an item about this full responsiveness of websites in detail. We can understand that the information about SEO can be a bit technical and fuzzy. We would like to invite you at our office or we will visit you at your place. Then we will explain you in easy terms how SEO can help you in your specific situation. 

SEO Amsterdamvoor de site is a webshop which is being optimized actively. The websites has a huge amount of nr 1. positions and scores a number 2 position at the most valuable word Babyshower, just behind Wikipedia. The site has more than 12000 visitors per month. 

Search Engine Optimalisatie Amsterdam uitgevoegd door Dare to Design