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Advertising agency Dare to Design, located in Rotterdam has a specialization in the insurance industry. As our roots are partly in this insurance area, we understand all ins and outs in this business. We understand the different roles like insurer, intermediairy and 3rd party companies. We know all the turbo language being used in this business and have a detailed view on the pricing models currently being used like commission, commission sharing, nett commission and lump sum fee. Also the discussion about the ban on commission and transparancy of the remuneration are well known area's for us. We manage all aspects and understand the difficult transformation process our clients in this industry are going through. This gives us the advantage that we control all aspects about the application of the marketing mix in this industry and are able to be a strategic partner for our clients. Our knowledge enables us to deliver qualitative content for the internal and external communication. Call us for an appointment. Contactinfo

Advertising agency specialized in the insurance industry