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Increase the revenue of your organization

Thinking along with our clients, it's in our Rotterdam genes. It is our biggest passion to conceptualise a marketing strategy, maximizing the profit of the Marketing Euro in a structured way. Targeting the market and scoping razor-sharp, think creatively how we can reach them in an effective way, inventing the roadmap to success and offering support in the tenderprocess. As a Rotterdam advertising agency we believe in hard marketing, if well applied and out of the box thinking to differentiate the way of using the marketing budget, both offline and online. That is the way to use minimal resources and maximise the revenue growth for our clients.

Marketing, the new world

The marketing landscape is quickly changing. Guerillamarketing, virals, social media, mutant ads and online advertising. These new tools offer possibilities to market a product or service efficiently, but only if you apply them in the right way. Where are the chances in the market. How can we achieve them lean and mean. Use the investment as optimal as possible. Partnership in marketing en communication, that's what we are.

For a marketing campaign of a product or service, it is of great interest to target the targetgroup as detailed as possible. What do we want to achieve and which method fits best with the target group. Dare to Design determines the marketing strategy and develops campaigns. It range from shelters to gureillamarketing, focused on the susceptibility of the targetgroup. In the end it's our target to bind as many clients as possible to the company of our clients. We use the marketingmix with the highest pay off, the best mutual support and maximum exposure at the target group. On the pages Pricing and Campaigns we have described some 'P''s in detail.

Direct Mail campaign

A direct mail campaign is the most direct manner of approaching your target group. By sending a direct mail we approach every prospect personally via a post mail. The challenge is to distuinguish the mail package from the other post by unique specifications like color, form and size.


Reclamebureau Rotterdam Dare to Design: dare to mail

Dare to Mail is the innovative newsletter system which gives you the ability to send newsletters easily online and execute your marketing online. This solutiob for sending digital mail is easy, trendy and much cheaper than the traditional sending of a mail. If you need a razorsharp priced solution for sending email, Dare to Design is the best solution. From EUR. 9,95 per month, you have a subscription to this great marketingtool. See for more information.

Some examples sent with Dare to Mail are:

Reclamebureau Rotterdam Dare to Design nieuwsbrief Reclamebureau Rotterdam - Dare to Design Kroostopvang nieuwsbrief Reclamebureau Rotterdam - Dare to Design Van Zwanenburg nieuwsbrief

Outdoor campaign

To get attention for an organization or product, an outdoor campaign can be an interesting option. You are very wel visible in the streets. Depending on the presence of the targetgroup, the campaign can be launched in several geographical area's and regions. The traditional 3-corner displays are still very popular but also outdoorledscreen with moving adds. We have expertise and experience which solution fits best to which message and targetgroup and maximizes return on investment.

poptahof   rsa   loveboat


One of the P's from the marketingmix is of course price. And this P fascinates us because price is not only a simple sum of cost plus profit. Price has some special psychological side effects which enhance the perceived value of the product or service if the price is higher. There are also some interesting pricing models which influence the revenue in a positive way. Strategic pricing is very important for the positioning of the product. Because we experience such a high impact it is strange that the pricing strategy is not always getting the highest priority. Therefor we have specialized ourselves in this marketing 'P'. It is amazing what the impact of a good strategy can be to the profitmargin of your organization. In the end it is better to enhance the revenue then continually cut costs.

Dokter Bosman

Dokter Bosman

At Dokter Bosman, psychological care goes hand in hand with a practical and positive approach. Strength and talent are the starting point for personally targeted help to their clients.
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