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The internet is an important marketing and communication channel for a lot of companies. Userfriendliness, performance and search engine optimization are important for the effectiveness of the website. Easy maintenance of content and a userfriendly website management tool drive the efficiency of maintenance. We are specialized in the development of responsive websites and content management (cms). By optimizing the content for search engines (SEO) and integration with social media, we maximise the return on investment on this digital form of communication.

Dare to Manage

The content management (Dare to Manage) used by advertising agency Dare to Design to manage the content of the website was developed by ourselves. This has some interesting advantages. We are able to adapt the website to the rules Google uses for the findability. Therefor we are able to enter the top search lists of Google. This is very important as it saves our clients a lot of money on AdWords marketing. Also the dangerous malware software being written to infiltrate websites are mostly targeted to the well-known general CMS packages. We are able to adapt the package tailormade to specficic wishes of our clients. It is easy to expand the necessary functionality without unneeded options cluttering the userfriendliness, as is often the case for Open Source CMS systems. The CMS has an easy userinterface and can be used without a lot of knowledge. It is made to quickly and flexible adapt the content of the website. 

dare to manage - Advertising Agency Rotterdam

Screenshot Dare to Manage CMS

Responsive websites

Over 70 percent of the Dutch population has access to the internet and uses it frequently. Therefor, it is important to have a website which suits the smartphone devices. Advertising agency Dare to Design develops mostly responsive websites. This means that the website automatically adapts to the seize of the screen. It doesn't matter anymore if the website is being accessed by a desktop, tablet or smartphone. 

responsive webdesign

Our responsive website technique scores high at Google, because of the speed. This will influence the Google Ranking significantly in the near future. Our own website and are examples of responsive websites. Please send us an inquiry if you are interested in a responsive website.

Website check

Three points are important for a good website: attractiveness, userfriendliness and findability. The expression of the website should fit with the organization or product and be in line with the corporate branding. The userfriendliness of the website is important, a visitor will leave the website immediately of he can not easily and quickly find the right information. Google uses a quality figure which is based on the average time spent on a website by the user. The ranking of websites in Google search is related to this quality figure. And then we have got the last point, findability. A website can be as beautiful, if you can't find it via search engines like Google, there is no added value. The target group will not find them either. Dare to Design can check the website freely at the mentioned points. See:

Website Check 


Online product sales via a webshop is booming business. In all statistics we see huge growth of the amount of clients, amount spent and a diversity of available products. There is a lot of potential, but as a retailer or wholesaler, you have to distinguish yourself from other suppliers and be able to end up high in the rankings of Google. This is the so called search engine optimization (SEO). At Dare to Design we have already built a whole range of professional webshops which are very successful in their market with a high organic ranking. The wishes can be very diverse. From payment systems to login fuinctionality with chat and review functions.

View several examples of custommade webshops:

webshop babyshowermoment


webshop soapopera

mamadiner webshop


webshop chocodate

webshop brainstormgame


mooi bestek webshop

To meet all our clients wishes, we also have a solution for startups or retailers who wish to employ a webshop as an extra saleschannel without a great investment. Check Dare to Shop for more information on this concept.