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Rotterdam, nr 1 downtown of the Netherland afbeelding

Rotterdam, nr 1 downtown of the Netherland



Rotterdam just won the priced for the nr. 1 large downtown area of the Netherlands. After the great top 5 position in the Lonely Planet for must see cities, they again get credits for their strategic view on city development. With the Market Hall, the new central station and the Rotterdam Building, it is hard for the competition to beat them. 

Other finalists for best downtown area

Dordrecht was the other finalist and became second for this price and Gouda won the price for the mid sized down town centers. Utrecht, Nijmegen and Leeuwarden were the other competitors in this 3 year competition (2015 - 2017)

Incredible development of the downtown are of Rotterdam

"After the damage of World War II Rotterdam, Rotterdam redeveloped the innercity in away which reflects a clear view on the development", the Jury said. The Jury visited all cities last month. In Rotterdam they also visited the Market Hall. The local government represented by mr. Adriaan Visser (downtown) commented '75 years after the bombing we had to rebuild the whole inner city of Rotterdam. We had to walk a long road to achieve this success'. 

At advertising agency Dare to Design we are proud to be part of the development as company citizen of this beautful city.