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Digital design trends for 2017


Digital design trends for 2017
We are looking forward to 2017. In this year we will meet new digital design trends and developments. What can you expect as organization and what does need your attention? Read about the new developments which we will keep an eye on in 2017!

Hamburgermenu in desktop
A hamburgermenu is an icon with three horizontal stripes. When this icon is clicked, the menu of the website will be visible. With the upcoming of responsive design, the hamburgermenu icon was born. This is a very effective way to get rid of the menu items in first sight to create more space for other content. The hamburger icon is often used and will be used even more in the future. There are multiple reasons for this. Removing the menu and replace it with this small icon, creates more space which can be used for searchbars, commercials or banners. But most of all, it has something to do with the term "Less is More". The less text and more visuals, the more appealing your website will be. 

Card layouts
An example of a card lay-out is Pinterest. This social media platform shows visitors multiple photographs and blog articles in a blink of an eye. A huge plus of using a card lay-out is the afct that it gives a very clear overview of visual content. These kind of websites have an algoritm that only shows the content that fits in the interests of the user. This method is perfect for website with user generated content. Content is shown in a steady pattern. Besides this, it is suitable for online magazines or news websites.

Using hero images
More and more websites are making use of hero images. hero images are full screen images on top of the page. These images gives a very strong esthetic effect and determine the look and feel of the page. This trend will keep on in 2017. Designers do not only use hero images, but also videos that are automatically played when the website is opened. A good example of this, is the website we designed for Geen Boot Wel Varen.

Rich Typography
Website visitors are scanning pages on websites and they lose their attention pretty quick. Because of this, it is important to show your visitors what you have to offer in a very short time. Photographs and videos are doing a big part of the job, but the right typography can do the finishing touch. Typography is used to make the message you want to send more clear. Think about how you want to appear. Business-like or creative? These are important thing to think about. This can play a big part in choosing the right font for your business.

These are a couple trends we will see more in 2017. Seeing all these trends can make you rethink your website. Is it still appealing? Does it need an update? No worries! We at Dare To Design have creative UX/UI designers. So we are able to implement these trends into your website!