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4 ways to use video marketing afbeelding

4 ways to use video marketing


Visuals says more than a 1000 words. People will remember more when they see a video than when they read a long text. But why do you use video marketing as organization and what kind of videos should you make? In this blogpost, we will tell you a couple reasons why you should choose for video marketing and we will give you a couple ideas for the content.

Why should I use video marketing for my company?

A very good question, because why should your company invest money to produce videos? First of all, th emessage you want to give your stakeholders, will be remembered way better when the message is being told instead of reading it yourself. Productvideos like reviews and how-to-do are creating a bond of trust. When this trust is created, the stakeholders are more likely to actually purchase a product. Videos also increase your brand experience. These are are a couple reasons why companies choose for videomarketing. Before you start,  the message you want to send should be clear and you should know who your target audience is. When this is clear, you can start producing the video content. If you want to produce a marketing video, but you have no idea about what? We will give you a couple ideas about what kind of videos are used for achieving specific goals. We like to help you producing catchy and creative video content for you company.

1# Instruction videos

 Do you often get the quetion how your product works? Then you have reasons enough to make an instruction video. Customers can watch the video and their questions will be answered by the video. This take away the pressure on the customer service, because the customers will approach your customer service less. It is your goal to take away difficulties at your customers as much as possible. A instruction video doesn't always have to be about a complex products. You can produce videos for all kind of products. For example, we made an instruction video for Babyshower Moment about how to fold a origami crane. The customers  of Babyshower moment called them quite often, because they didn't understand how to fold it. This problem was solved by producing this video. An instruction video isn't only helpfull for your customers, but it can also gain you new customers.

 2# Video testimonials

As company you can tell others that you are the best company and that you offer the best products and/or services, but a potential customer will always search for evidence if you actually are the best provider. So it is quite logic that they will search for reviews first before they will buy your products. To win the trust of your target audience, you can choose to produce testimonial videos. A testimonial is a positive customer experience which you will place on your website. A testimonial video will leave a better impression than just a written review. Like we have mentioned before, a video message is easier to remember than a written message. A testimonial video isn't only suitable for the B2C market, but also for B2B markets. Have a look at the testimonial video we made in cooperation with More-Itz. In this example, you can see that it is possible to produce a testimonial video in a creative way. A video like this creates a  a feeling of trust and can be the reason why a customer will choose for your company and not the company of your competitor.

3# ‘Who are we video’s’

By using a 'who are we' video, you can introduce your team to your future customers. These kind of videos are interesting to use for B2B markets. A customer will get a good impression of your team and your company. Besides this fact, these kind of videos are very personal and creates a feelinf of trust at your (potential) customers. A 'who are we video' or in other words, an employee video, can be excecuted in multiple ways. Employees can tell their story on camera with a simple background. This is a simple and cheap oppertunity. You can also choose for a more interactive video whereby the employees will introduce themselves in a more appealing and creative way. They can show the viewers their workingspace and tell them something more personal like what are their hobbies or some experience they had in their workingfield. For example, the videos of coolblue are very young and creative. This fits perfectly in their identity.  You probbaly won't see these kind of videos at a more conservative and formal company. We recorded videos for The Dare Company. These videos were taken on the favorite spots in the city of their employees. Because of this, the videos are informal and personnaly. Get inspired by these employee videos!

4# Animation video 

There are multiple kinds of animation videos. An example of an animated video is a GIF-animation. This kind of video exists out of multiple images who will be displayed quickly after each other. This kin of animation is suitable for websites and emails. On social media it is more likely to see video content. This will attract the attention of the people and it will provide a higher engagement. besides the fact that animation videos are used for entertainment, it can also be used to transfer information. We have made an animation video for Vlietkinderen. They wanted to send original Christmas greetings instead of a boring card. An other example of animation videos we 've made, is the animation for The Dare Company, about the history and existence of the company. A short video explains all the services they provide and which branches they work in. In short, animation videos can be used for various marketing goals.

Now you have an idea why using video content can be very useful! and which kind of video content you can use to reach your target audience in the best way. Do you still experience difficulties with producing these kind of videos? No problem, we have enough creatives and designers to produce your videos. We like to surprise you. Are you curious? You can tell us your story in a video call, by telephone or just by sending an email!